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Testimonials : Cristina Marins

Testimonials : Adriano Camino

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International Book Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico


Testimonials: Fabiola

“Uncle Ángel,

I loved your book!

I am grateful for such a beautiful present, in all senses, for getting to know more about your life and aunt Raquel's, and the great love that you have for each other. It is an honor for me to have my name in the book and to see my mother … described so kindly.

I heard the CD and the songs are beautiful and in some of your conversations with aunt Raquel I perceived her voice and intonation at once, and in others after listening several times I could understand better.

It is so good to be able to hear her voice again, with her same personality.

May God bless us always and make us understand, learn and always share our experiences in the life He has given us.

Thank you once again!

Your beloved niece,



Testimonials: Cristina Marins

Dear Ángel,

Yesterday I finished reading the book I received by the hand of my dear friend. When Luana offered it to me kindly, she asked me to read it and then give my opinion. This message is my attempt to pay this debt.

Maybe you have noticed that I read these pages written by you in less than twenty-four hours. I believe that there are not many books that captivate the reader like this from the soul until the last paragraph. Forever Raquel was one of those rare cases and the life of this woman through your passionate retelling was the cause of my restlessness amidst this Carnival season.

An anthropologist called Ligia Sigaud once wrote that authors, despite their wishes, cannot control the way in which readers interpret their work. So making use and abuse of the freedom of my role as reader to interpret your writings, you can imagine how well I was able to perceive your Raquel's green eyes, her red-scarlet lipstick, her cheerful lack of inhibition. I tried to see her gestures, to hear her voice, her loud laughter. I thought it must have come from her the big generosity, which sometimes seems naive, that I have always admired in Luana. I confess I doubted of some fantastic tales, such as your adventures with the seven-meter-high waves in the beaches of Acapulco. But at the same time, I admired the courage that drove you to immortalize in the pages of a book a story made not only of pleasure and joy, but also of suffering and frustration.

Some time ago, when Luana told me about the departure of her mother and described to me the hard months prior to that sad day, I wondered what could possible drive a daughter and a husband to abandon the world outside to share the pain, try to relieve the suffering and face the impotence of such drama. For somebody like me who lives questioning the reasons for the human behavior, your book serves as evidence that there is a lot that we will never understand. Now, I have the feeling that despite our efforts to interpret love, it is something that has no place in the world of logical explanations, but which may, however, be vividly experienced by the fortunate ones.

Therefore, among all these written lines, what I read was your love – that feeling which manifests itself in such different ways, at times even shy, discreet. Whereas in the book I have just read, love was nothing but discreet. To me, your love for Raquel seemed as open as the attitude of a woman that in a restaurant stands up and alone starts dancing tango to then receive the applause of strangers in a faraway country.

Thank you for sharing so much.

With admiration,


Video: Launch in Cuernavaca, Mexico

A brief review of the presentation of the book Forever Raquel on February 2nd 2012 in the city of Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Testimonials: Adrian Camino

Father, I read your book in a few hours, easy to read, captivating, also entertaining and moving in some parts. In short, very good!

As I know the story and therefore I see an angle of home, I don't know what the response of the audience will be, but here I am wishing that there are many and many editions.

Just one “but”, I think you should have mentioned the search for the alternative medicine. If it hadn't been for the fact that she was unable to ingest anything, which might have achieved the remission of the illness.

Once again, congratulations for the excellent book!



International Book Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico

Afternoon no autographs Mexico

On February 2nd 2011, the author Ángel Camino will be in the city of Cuernavaca, Mexico, for the launch of his book Forever Raquel in Spanish in our country.  .

Release of the book Forever Rachel in Argentina (Recoleta, Buenos Aires)


Dietrich interview Angel Alessandra Camino Biennial in Rio


Launch Biennial in Rio

The author Ángel Camino is pleased to invite you to the launch of his book "Forever Rachel", the XV International Book Biennial in Rio, What happens between 1 and 11 September 2011.

Autograph Afternoon:
Day 9 September 17h 19h
Local: Green PavilionQ Rua, Booth 22 by All Print Editora
Address: Of. Salvador Allende, 6555
Barra da Tijuca, Rio Center