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The electronic method of communication (ITC) is a scientific research method which has been being developed since 1920, with Thomas Alva Edison as pioneer with his invention of the phonograph, in all the world, creating a bridge between our plane of existence and the spiritual plane.

Thus he made possible the dialogue with the spirits of deceased people, or with other spirits who have not yet incarnated and wish to communicate with our plane.

In her research work of more than 25 years, Sonia Rinaldi, research director of IPATI (Instituto de Pesquisas avançadas em Transcomunicação Instrumental), has developed a method to create direct electronic contact with the spirit of the deceased person with whom one wishes to communicate only by using a personal computer and some other accessories. This without the aid of the valuable help of the mediums, who are so hard to find at such difficult moments.

The book is accompanied by a CD with twenty dialogues recorded using this method by the author with his wife Raquel, who now inhabits the spiritual plane.

Below there are the twenty sample dialogues. For better comprehension, I recommend listening to them carefully several times in your personal computer.

And so discover that the impossible does not exist!

1º Mi conejo
   1° “¡¡Mi conejo!!” (“My conejo!!”)
   This is the name she calls me affectionately.

2º Tengo la casa
   “¡Tengo la casa!” (“I have the house!”)
   She confirms that we have a house in the spiritual plane.

3º Mi fuerte amigo
   “¡Mi fuerte amigo!” (“My strong friend!”)
   Singing, she grants me strength to continue in this earthly struggle.

4º Eu me esforco
    “¡Eu me esforço!” (“I make an effort!”)
   She confirms she makes an effort in communicating with other people.

5º Disculpen a mi muerte
    “¡Disculpen mi muerte!” (“Forgive my death!”)
   She apologizes for her departure to the spiritual plane.

6º Não se importen conmigo
    “¡No se importen conmigo!” (“Don't worry about me!”)
   She asks us not to worry about her, that she is alright.

7º Mi amigo canto
    “¡Mi amigo, canto!” (“My friend, I sing!”)
   She confirms one of her artistic activities in the spiritual plane.

8º La resistencia debes tener
    “¡La resistencia debes tener!” (“Endurance you must have!”)
   She gives me strength to continue in this earthly life.

9º Yo sufro por vos
    “¡Yo sufro por vos!” (“I suffer for you!”)
   She confirms that she shares my pain for her absence.

10º Detalles no
    “¡Detalles no!” (“No details!”)
   She asks me that I don't reveal intimate details in my book.

11º El amigo que se infartó
    “¡El amigo que se infartó! ¡Encontré con él, ahora él estudia más!”
   (“The friend that had the stroke! I met him, now he studies more!”)
   She confirms she meets friends who have already departed to the spiritual plane and knows of their activities.

12º Si, tu tienes que evitarlo
    “Sí. ¡Y tiene que evitarlo!” (“Yes. And you must avoid it!”)
   She asks me to avoid Christmas.

13º Hicimos todo
    “¡Hicimos todo!” (“We did everything!”)
   She confirms we both had a fulfilling life.

14º Bien, por incrível amo você
    “¡Bien, por incrível amo você!” (“Good, incredibly I love you!”)
   She confirms she is alright and that she incredibly she still loves me.

15º Fiesta haremos
    “¡Fiesta haremos!” (“A party we'll make!”)
   She says she will celebrate together with us this achievement of our son Adriano.

16º Como tu novia
    “¡Como tu novia!” (“As your girlfriend!”)
   She confirms her usual romantic way of seeing things.

17º Fué hermoso
    “¡Fue hermoso!” (“It was beautiful!”)
   She confirms the dream I had with her the night before, exactly at our fortieth wedding anniversary.

18º No lo dude
    “¡No lo dude!” (“Don't doubt it!”)
   She claims I must not doubt of her love.

19º Diles que los puedo ver
    “¡Diles que los puedo ver!” (“Tell them I can see them!”)
   She confirms she follows me and my children very closely in our lives and that she can see us.

20º Te tienes que superar siempre
    “¡Te tienes que superar siempre!” (“You must always excel yourself!”)
   She asks for my constant spiritual development.