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Forever Raquel is a book divided into two parts which deal with the same topic: LOVE. In the first part of the book, the author, Ángel, relives his trajectory with his wife, Raquel Trovato, and all the difficulties which many times may destroy a relationship. These are in short: cultural differences, physical distance, financial or health problems, unfaithfulness, and especially one which for most people is an absolute barrier and therefore called death.

In the second part of the book, the author teaches us through his experience that communication between different planes of existence is possible, without having to use the aid of valuable intermediaries, such as mediums, who are so hard to find at the most difficult times of our lives. Sonia Rinaldi's method of trans-communication was designed to this effect, a simple method which can be practiced anywhere.

This book is accompanied by a CD with twenty dialogues between Ángel and his wife Raquel, who now inhabits the spiritual plane, recorded in his sessions of instrumental trans-communication (ITC) as an example and proof of the effectiveness of the method.

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