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This book is the true story of a love that transcends all the barriers that very often destroy the relationship of a couple. These are in short: cultural differences, physical distance, unemployment, lack of financial resources, health problems and unfaithfulness. But mainly one which for most couples is an insurmountable barrier and therefore called death. The key to prevent this can only be that superior force, enormous and sublime, which we all carry inside ourselves. This extremely powerful force is called simply LOVE.

Discover that communication between different planes of existence is possible without the use of the valuable intermediaries: the mediums, who are so difficult to find especially at such difficult moments of our lives. As proof of this, together with this book there is a CD with twenty dialogues between the author and his wife, who now lives in the spiritual plane, recorded in his sessions of Instrumental Trans-communication (ITC).

In this book, there is also a brief manual so that, if you desire it, you can communicate with your loved ones who now inhabit other planes of existence. For this, you will only need ordinary everyday tools, such as your personal computer.